GamingForCharity Operations

GamingForCharity and it's operations have been in the progress of re-launching for the last couple of months now and a lot has happened but furthermore a lot is still do.

We originally planned to launch in 2019 but while this can be said, we have realised that to make this work & provide a working system that fits both us & our audience we need more time.

As many of you know GamingForCharity has five main operations

1) Our YouTube Channel

2) Our Live streams

3) Our Store

4) Our Membership program

5) Our Events

Our events being our biggest & newest area to focus on we got to get this right, we have already been in talks with not only charities but event venues & are not in the process of finalising ideas. Since our goal is to support 12 charities every month, 1 every month - We do want to start that process as soon as possible.

But as said we need more time!

Because of this will now be starting our events in 2019 from July throughout till December, our original plan was to have the first event take place in 2019 January however we have realised this is way too much of rush and demand on us and others taking part that we want to provide that extra planning time

However this does not stop our YouTube Channel and Live streams to be officially launched in early 2019, our online store and membership program will slowly be to launch following the re-launch of our channels!

We hope this has given a clear insight in the stages we are at in creating GamingForCharity a home for gamers & charities to combine forces

The GFC team


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