About us





GamingForCharity was set back up in 2013 by Owen Nutkins. Although very young at the time, opened up a community YouTube channel that became much bigger than expected. Later, there was a realisation of what impact this could make, so it was decided to turn GFC into a team to support the growth. In addition to our YouTube Channel, we opened up a network that partnered over 1000 different creators worldwide who supported our idea and wanted to be a part of GamingForCharity. In this time, we supported three different charities including (Cancer Research UK, Save the Children & Care)​




Our Mission

Our mission is to create a community of gamers through video's, streams & events.


Where creators can submit videos to our Channel.


Live streamers can stream under us 


Interactive events throughout the UK for all ages to attend


We are creating a community of gamers that can not only have fun, support each other and game but know that in the  background money is being generated for charities around the world


We raise funds through our online store and membership program in addition to the above. 


''We believe that gaming can be much more. It can become a place where raising money for charities & building a community is easy''  -GFC team

Our Vision



Our vision is to work directly with 12 charities,1 each month, ensuring 50% of our profits go to them.


We support a range of charities, so no matter what charity you want to support, most likely we supported them or will support them! 

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